bottos Main Network V3.2
1month ago

Bottos internal debugging has last more than a month, rushing to release the V3.2 version before the Chinese National Day. It is another important step for the follow-up commercial network construction, with Bottos steadily and constantly consolidating the technical foundation. The V3.2 version of the network currently established provides a full blockchain function. All blockchain developers are welcome to develop DApps based on this network.


In order to facilitate potential developers testing of DApps, Bottos provides two service nodes as shown in the screenshot below. Interested users can also deploy nodes to connect to this network by themselves. Developers can obtain development documentation and support through the Bottos website ( For details, please click the ‚ÄúDeveloper Documentation‚ÄĚ on the right side of the Bottos website.

At the same time, it has been released the blockchain browser IP address:, here can observed all the network operation.