Partnership | BTO&DTO has landed on the SWFT Blockchain cross-chain exchange platform!
1month ago

Bottos has entered into a strategic partnership with SWFT Blockchain based on Datanno, a DApp project developed on the basis of its public chain. BTO and DTO will land on the SWFT Blockchain currency cross-chain wallet on November 12, 2018, Beijing time. BTO and DTO can be replenished in the wallet at that time. Although the DTO redemption function is not available at the time, the BTO can be exchanged with other 65+ coins in the wallet for free. There is no need for an intermediate currency, and the average exchange time is 9s.



Bottos is an infrastructure that focuses on the field of artificial intelligence. It has both an underlying public chain designed specifically for its data characteristics and a data exchange platform for the entire artificial intelligence and its derivatives. A consensus-based, scalable, easy-to-develop, and collaborative one-stop application platform for data, models, computing power, and storage of multi-tier shared services through data mining and smart contracts.



Datanno is a data value protocol based on blockchain development designed to help users really control their data. Utilizing the distributed nature of blockchain, cryptography, other technologies and custom design, it builds a complete data value agreement and data economic ecosystem around data validation, data sharing, data processing, and data incentives. Provide reliable, transparent, and secure data underlying services to businesses and individuals. For more details, you can scan the QR code below to find out!


SWFT Blockchain

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, USA, with a branch in Beijing, China, it has received investment from the top venture capital Draper Dragon Digital Fund. SWFT Blockchain, which has been praised by foreign media as “PayPal in the Blockchain”, is a one-stop cross-blockchain transfer platform designed to provide users with the ultimate currency exchange experience. SWFT Blockchain uses blockchain, machine learning, and big data technology to achieve one-stop currency exchange with low cost, fast and risk-free transaction. SWFT Blockchain's personalized service and customized trading make the cross-chain currency exchange process simpler, faster and safer.