Bottos V3.3 and the new version of the wallet officially released
1month ago

The new versions of Bottos V3.3 and wallet has been officially released!


After nearly a month of testing and modification, the Bottos technological team released the V3.3 version before the double eleven, which is another step forward for the subsequent commercial network construction. Bottos is stable and steady, constantly consolidating its technical foundation, and welcomes all blockchain development enthusiasts to develop DApps based on its network. The code that involves the core technology will also be open sourced on Github after the main network will be officially running. Welcome to know what updates are available for BottosV3.3!


Main network update log:

·      Optimized the block verification mechanism of the supernodes and some partial serialization methods.;

·      Added security detection mechanism in the p2p network, such as adding verification mode between neighbors.;

·      Added protective storage for supernode's account.;

·      Improved some functional cases of wasm virtual machine.;

·      Fixed some bugs that found in TPS testing.;

·      Provide multi-VM. We add new VM in the blockchain system as to support Js language to write contract code..


In addition, the Bottos wallet also updated the new version before the Chinese double eleven, fixing some bugs in the old version and optimizing the user experience.


Wallet update features:

·      Fixed bug in v1.0.0 version;

·      Optimized UI and English version;

·      Added new feature for voting;

·      Added add new feature for voting;

·      Improved connection to nodes;

·      Improved the transaction history;

·      Added new token for DTO;

·      Update the key deriving algorithm for security.