Kingsoft Corp and Bottos: An “Ai + Blockchain” Engine to drive Technological Innovation
2month ago

Cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain… What dangers may arise from the “convergence” of these three big Internet technology trends? On August 15th, Kingsoft Corp and the development team of Bottos reached a collaboration agreement and, given the AI capabilities of Kingsoft with the support of the Bottos’ ground technology, it will provide Bottos developers with strong cloud services and AI solutions.

The technical cooperation between Kingsoft and Bottos will make full use of the incentive mechanism of artificial intelligence public chains and the potentials of inter-organizational cooperation, so as it will make use of the AI solution services accumulated in every industry by Kingsoft and of the global community of Bottos, opening up data islands and providing highly efficient supporting technology for blockchain practical applications. Through the blockchain technology and the technology bonus brought by AI, it will be able to reach the industries of smart finance, smart cities, smart health services, intelligent manufacturing and so on.

Bottos blockchain technology focuses on the AI infrastructure and already possesses an underlying customized and data based designed public blockchain, as well serve as a data exchanging platform for AI and its derivates. A consensus-based, scalable, easy-to-develop, and collaborative one-stop platform for data, models, computing, and storage of multi-tier shared services through data mining and smart contracts.

The application and development of the blockchain cannot be separated from the technological support of cloud computing. Kingsoft has always vigorously supported. blockchain technology and, as an industry pioneer, it released a blockchain project called “Project-X”, targeting deep layered blockchain games. The cooperation potential between blockchain and AI is immense. They are both complementary technologies and, in the construction effort of the new ecosystem, data storage, sharing mechanisms, platform problems, security issues, etc. can all use both technologies to overcome obstacles. AI algorithms using blockchain’s smart contracts will be even more intelligent. Furthermore, the encryption algorithms of blockchain technology will successfully solve the trust problems of AI platforms, for example big data incongruence.

“Blockchain is a technology application in its early stage of development, its economic incentive system assist the development of AI field with Big Data at its foundation while safeguarding data privacy, and the trust system of blockchain makes AI more trustworthy. AI and blockchain will lead the way towards a wave of new generation technologies”, said Zhu Jiang, head of the blockchain service of Kingsoft after the successful participation in the candidate election of Bottos super node.

Considered as the engine of a new technology that will revolutionize the industry, AI is already a step ahead to blockchain, permeating every industry and turning in an upgraded company’s booster. Kingsoft has always supported the realization of an open cloud AI ecosystem so that to provide comprehensive and solid technical service support for intelligent upgrade and development of various industries. Kingsoft released a cloud based AI, KAP (Kingsoft AI Propeller), covering four aspect of industry solutions, IaaS, Paas and Saas, speeding up the AI usage by providing services to customers and encapsulating all the AI capacities.

At the IaaS layer, Kingsoft GPU Cloud may expand the underlying service capabilities and effectively help AI enterprises to acquire high-performance computing capabilities based on GPU heterogeneity. With its excellent performances, the newly released Kingsoft’s Tesla V100 model can effectively cope with the ever-increasing scale of deep neural network parameters, and improve the training and R&D efficiency of AI companies by more than three times, helping enterprises to quickly seize market opportunities. On the PaaS layer, the Kingsoft’s Deep Learning Platform KDL is the first artificial cloud PaaS platform for commercial cloud computing enterprises in China, providing customers with development, assessment, training, predicting capacities and other support to help customers quickly access AI capabilities. The Kingsoft’s intelligent computing KBrain is considered at the basic service of SaaS, providing the capabilities of image recognition, speech recognition and natural language understanding required by artificial intelligence for various cooperating enterprises. It has already been successfully applied in OCR recognition, facial recognition, and Structural Data predictions scenarios, as well as other areas. The AI smart photo album developed based on face recognition settings, combined with Kingsoft cloud storage technology and deep learning technology, can provide capabilities including face clustering, scenarios classification, and smart image matching.

Worth mentioning: Lei Jun, Chairman and CEO of Xiaomi Technology, is also the chairman of Kingsoft Corp. Xiaomi Technology was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in July this year. As an innovative tech company building a well-known smart home ecosystem, Xiaomi Technology’s smart home products and wearable devices generate massive amounts of data every day. The Xiaomi IoT networking platform includes more than 85 million devices, meaning that the platform can get large amounts of data that can be processed by its smart assistant and the underlying AI algorithm, becoming even smarter.

Brief introduction of the partners:

Kingsoft Corp. cloud’s computing brand is the world’s leading cloud computing service provider and China’s Top 3 cloud computing company. Founded in 2012, it has established data centers and operations in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and North America. At present, Kingsoft has reached a valuation of 2.373 billion US dollars, becoming the independent cloud service provider in China with the highest market capitalization.

Kingsoft cloud products include cloud service solutions for side industries such as games, video, government, healthcare, and finance. Kingsoft has been conducting research and practical applications of artificial intelligence, launching the four layered IaaS, Paas, SaaS industry solutions, which are applicable to various combined AI solutions and services in various industries. In 2018, Kingsoft launched the blockchain ecosystem plan, “Project-X”, making full use of the advantages of the cloud to promote the development and application of blockchain technology.

Bottos is an infrastructure that focuses on artificial intelligence. It possesses both an underlying public chain designed specifically for data property and a data flow platform for the entire artificial intelligence and its derivatives. A consensus-based, scalable, easy-to-develop, and collaborative one-stop application platform for data, models, computing power and storage of multi layered shared services through data mining and smart contracts.