Bottos and Qbao Reach a Partnership Agreement
2month ago

Bottos and Qbao Network have reached a strategic partnership, and the two sides will cooperate each other on smart contracts, cross-chain technology development, community ecosystem, DApp stores, marketing and other fields.


Bottos is an infrastructure that focuses on artificial intelligence. It has both a basic public chain designed specifically according to data characteristics and a data flow platform serving for artificial intelligence and its derivatives. Furthermore, Bottos is also a consensus-based, scalable, easy-to-develop, and collaborative one-stop application platform for data, models, computing power, and storage of multi-tier shared services through data mining and smart contracts.


Qbao Network is the first decentralized multi-function cross-chain digital currency wallet with social features in China. It integrates a cross-chain multi-currency wallet, a payment settlement platform, a currency trading platform, social groups, market information, DApp and other functions, aiming to create a blockchain ecosystem platform and become the entrance point to the blockchain world and serving the world users. It is meant to be a one-stop station to meet the needs of digital currency payment settlement, digital assets management, digital assets trading, online consumptions, identity authentication, message acquisition and social communication.


Based on the cooperation, the two parties will comprehensively consolidate Qbao Network's one-stop, decentralized, cross-chain, secure and easy-to-use platform features through joint development of smart contracts and cross-chain technologies; The two parties will jointly discuss the marketing strategy, the landing of Qbao Network in the Bottos’ Wali App, the establishment of a Bottos official community in Qbao Network and a series of online promotion and offline activities to conduct mutual traffic guidance and expand the influence of both brands. Then both side will optimize the community ecosystems and increase the number of community users. In addition, Qbao Network will invite the Wali App based on Bottos public chain to its DApp store, combining the advanced technologies and resources of Qbao Network and Bottos to create a diversified DApp Store with digital economy features.


Through this cooperation, the two sides hope that they can take full advantage of their respective technological and professional advantages, and realize resource sharing and complement each other's competencies, and jointly promote the extension and development of both products and services. Bottos looks forward to building a new AI ecosystem based on blockchain technology with more outstanding partners in the future.


Moreover, the Bottos’ Wali App has successfully landed also into the Bybstore and Qbao Network's DApp Store in order to facilitate more users download with more access.