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Bottos Weekly Report 3/9/2019–3/15/2019


In the past week, the platinum chain Bottos project has been carried out in an orderly manner and everything is going well.

Bottos Spotlight:

  • Bottos becomes the Blockchain EXPO Europe 2019 Gold Sponsor

Bottos will become one of the global gold sponsors of the show at the European Blockchain Expo, which will be held in mid-June 2019. Blockchain Expo is the most influential blockchain fair in the world and is known as the blockchain “World Expo”. Blockchain Expo will provide a platform for financial market participants, blockchain companies, developers, and interested individuals to learn about blockchain, a breakthrough technology that is rapidly becoming mainstream. The guests attending the conferences not only came from the global blockchain industry, but also gathered heavyweight companies or individuals in other fields. By then, Bottos will follow up on the latest industry trends.

  • Wally Community 3.0 hotline

  1. New version highlights:

The front-end technology architecture is upgraded and upgraded, and the APP is used more smoothly after the transformation;
The functional modules and pages are completely redesigned, and the user experience will be greatly improved;
Upgrade the generalized economy and open up various economic models;
Make it simple, cut non-key businesses, and highlight key businesses.

  1. Core feature highlights:

Search and recommendation algorithms empower the product;
The pass incentive mechanism implements the entire product;
Complete third-party applications into the infrastructure;
Rich and safe asset management.

Weekly review:

  • Bottos opens artificial intelligence industry floor layout and group building plan

The Bottosm chain artificial intelligence industry landing layout plan is to better realize the artificial intelligence blockchain application project landing. This time, the Bottos Chain Foundation initiated the layout of the Bottos chain artificial intelligence industry and the group building plan, which is to accelerate the rapid development of the artificial intelligence industry through the Bottos chain bottom blockchain technology.

  • Bottos has reached strategic cooperation with the first robotic exoskeleton company in China

Bottos and the first robotic exoskeleton company in China — Scream Technology reached a strategic cooperation. Bottos will work with Scream Technology in the near future to open a new journey in the blockchain + AI industry. The opportunity to cooperate with Scream Technology originated from Bottos founder Wang Tingting, who was the early co-founder of Scream, and she has been looking forward to working with Scream Technology to create a new ecosystem of artificial intelligence!