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Bottos was invited to Microsoft's "IoT in Action" …


On May 15, 2019, Microsoft "IoT in Action" AI and Internet of Things Congress and Microsoft AI and Internet of Things Laboratory Launch Ceremony was held in Zhangjiang, Shanghai. As an important partner of Microsoft in the field of AI and blockchain, Bottos was invited to participate in the conference.

This conference is dedicated to presenting new opportunities for AI and IOT development, building a platform for Microsoft experts and partners to discuss and exchange ecosystem issues, and building and deploying new AI and IOT solutions that can be used to change the world around them. Bottos has the privilege of joining in, working with Microsoft partners to accelerate the construction of AI      and loT ecosystems, involving a full range of solutions, platforms and tools.

At the meeting, Microsoft announced that it would invest $5 billion in the Internet of Things. Ms. Shirley Strachan, General Manager of Internet of Things and Intelligent Devices in Microsoft Asia Pacific, introduced the functions and applications of Microsoft IoT Edge from the aspects of artificial intelligence and major breakthroughs in Internet of Things, Internet of Things and its social roles.

As one of the delegates, Bottos chief architect Zhang Shaokui said, Bottos platform with blockchain technology can be a powerful booster for the development of AI and the Internet of Things. From a technical point of view, with the characteristics of open and transparent block chains, secure communication, data tampering and multi-party consensus, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things will have an important impact. Block chain technology can be regarded as the neural system of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things, and it is the best choice to solve various problems of artificial intelligence and Internet of Things.