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AI Development with Bottos: A Simple Use Case


Bottos will soon offer great opportunities to support the development of Artificial Intelligence, with the most important step being the data and model marketplace. Thanks to the underlying blockchain infrastructure and other tools like smart contracts, users will be able to monetize their efforts to produce, clean and, ultimately, sell their data safely and conveniently. Bottos will be the great companion to everyone involved in the development of AI models and programs.


AI Project Development


Karen is a computer scientist that has a great care for her grandmother, who is increasingly getting fragile and in need of assistance. While driving, Karen comes up with an interesting idea about an image and speech recognition system that, with the right development, may help seniors live longer in their own houses, autonomously, without moving to a retirement house and limiting the employment of costly nursing services.

The excitement to see her own grandmother having a more comfortable life in her lifelong house makes Karen to take on the idea and build on it. She spends several months touring around her community and talking to other fellow computer scientists about her plans, finally putting together a team of five people who soon ends up sharing the same enthusiasm for the project.

Together, they figure what data is needed in order to build an algorithm as much efficient as possible, meeting their very first obstacle.

The data market is fierce and highly costing, especially if the aim is to acquire high quality data, mostly aggregated in the few hands of big tech companies who usually charge extremely high prices, if they are willing to in first place.


One day right after dinner Karen, almost hopeless because of the appalling data price tags in the market – and its low quality, lazily scroll around on her Twitter feed until, suddenly, get sight of someone’s retweet about Bottos and its decentralized data market. Karen gets a chill from her back and feels the excitement taking over: finally, a cost effective, innovative solution has come by to let her and her team to proceed with their project.

Karen spends some time getting to know the Bottos AI ecosystem and, together with her team, they start again considering the best way to proceed. They will need high quality data to train their algorithm to master speech and image recognition through machine learning. Furthermore, they realize that getting the data will only be the first step to overcome, with pressing issues like data tagging, data storage and the computational power needed to run their algorithm. Despite so, Karen keeps on exploring Bottos and gladly discover that all they need is available right there, with the opportunity to even monetize their creation and keeping trace of further development.

Karen and her team decide to publish two main requests on Bottos, one asking for the exact data they need and another asking for collaborators. In the meanwhile they start setting up and testing the computational power provided by Bottos and dig out in the model market to see whether something suitable to their case already exists.

After two days, Karen comes up with a list of offers for the data collection task and decide which one to pick, giving start to the data gathering phase. After around a week, the team receive the first bunch of raw data safely stored on the platform and quickly distribute it to other users that will take care of cleaning and tagging it, at a fair price. The process of receiving and distributing data is smoothly regulated by smart contracts that take care of each transaction automatically and based on the Bottos blockchain infrastructure.


At this point, Karen’s team has already prepared the kitchen pantry for the long hours of work ahead to check on the algorithm and feed it with all the data needed, tackling possible issues that may undoubtedly arise. The cleaned and tagged data arrives as stipulated and Karen immediately start the phase of training the AI algorithm, though in the meanwhile she decides to keep the data open and available on the data marketplace in order to further monetize it and to give the opportunity to someone else to use it for other scopes.

Karen’s team spend days and nights feeding and adjusting their model that runs on Bottos systems, finally obtaining a perfectly functioning, highly effective AI capable to correctly recognize people’s requests and environmental sounds and at the same time able to correctly recognize and analyze any single person’s face trait for hints about their health.

After months of hard work and emotion rollercoasters, Karen’s team proudly present their creation publicly and immediately start building a minimum viable product around it to be commercialized. At this point though, Karen takes a swift look back to see how many obstacles still exists in the artificial intelligence field that are practically preventing it to advance faster and takes an important decision: make their model available on the Bottos marketplace so that other developers and researchers can use it to make their own ideas become tangible. This way she not only keeps track of who uses it, for what purposes and what modifications are made, but she can also actively monetize it and generate another income inflow from it. Even more importantly, the development of other models and the push for innovation will be accelerated at a tenfold rate, thus making the approach of a new technological era closer.


Everything will be possible thanks to the Bottos blockchain based AI ecosystem and all its universe of services that includes data and models marketplace, distributed computing services, smart storage system and cutting edge security and transaction technologies. Besides all, Bottos believes in bringing blockchain and AI to everyone, in the most democratized way, in order to support worldwide technological innovation that may provide a better life to everyone.