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Data Breaches and Blockchain


The recent announcement of a massive data breach at expenses of Starwood Hotels, a property of Marriott International, has involved the personal data of about 500 million customers, rapidly becoming one of the biggest in history. Personal data like names, addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, email addresses and encrypted credit card details were stolen, so as the travel histories of a smaller group of guests.

The breach has allegedly started in 2014 and has been discovered only in September this year, allowing the exploiter to eventually acquire an incredible amount of personal data, eventually doing so unnoticed. It goes without saying that in this case, using the Bottos blockchain infrastructure, it would never have happened a data breach of these proportions.
One of the main reason would be the intrinsic nature of blockchain technology, that makes almost impossible for hackers to crack in and steal unauthorized information. Furthermore, with the advanced ID system developed by Bottos, the information stored on blockchain is even safer. 
The use of decentralized storage makes any intrusion attempt even harder, assuring that all the data uploaded remains safe over the whole network.

In this exact case, a hotel chain may well think about commissioning a reservation system based on Bottos blockchain infrastructure in order to offer a secure platform for its guests. Moreover, it may even run a DApp in the Bottos AI ecosystem that would let guests easily manage all their transactions with the hotel operator, while keeping all their data safe. 
Interestingly, using the Bottos smart contract system, big hotel operators may be able to further automate simple transactions, reducing the overall costs and eventually increasing the productivity of the staff. Furthermore, thanks to the security of the infrastructure, chain operators can gather insightful data on guests habits and behaviors in order to gradually improve their services, to an extent that it would be possible to provide personalized experiences to every single guest. 
A service like this will be possible thanks to the Bottos AI ecosystem, which not only would provide the basic underlying blockchain technology, but it will provide a one stop ecosystem that would host DApps, computing power, decentralized storage and data/models exchanges.