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Great news | Bottos main network officially launched

2018.12.28 18:18:39

At 12 o'clock on the morning of December 28, 2018, Beijing time, under the witness of the online nodes and invited guests, the Bottos main network community was successfully activated, and the main network community was officially launched! This means that the Bottos project is launched and becomes a completely independent public blockchain platform, which can provide a solid foundation for the subsequent richer DApp development.

(Picture 1: Bottos founder Wang Tingting, CEO Song Xin and CTO Wang Chao co-pour champagne to celebrate the launch of the main network)


(Picture 2: The Bottos team and the invited guests toast together to celebrate the launch of the main network)


Since the launch of the Bottos project in October 2016, the Bottos tech team has been relying on its strong business capabilities to create a decentralized new ecosystem of artificial intelligence. After the 2017 bull market and the 2018 market winter, many projects have disappeared, but the Bottos project still does not lose the initial heart and quietly work. After 9 months of development and testing, the Bottos main network was officially launched, which means that the efficient circulation and real-time sharing of big data that artificial intelligence relies on is possible. Bottos has finally taken a solid step towards the goal of establishing a decentralized new ecosystem of artificial intelligence.

The Bottos main network community will promote high-quality data transfer through the DataMarket mechanism, use "data mining" and "smart storage" to ensure data security, and use the "multi-currency system" and its value system to accelerate the rapid landing of DApps. Bottos hopes that more community developers and supporters will actually participate in the new phase of the Bottos project in the future to build a distributed artificial intelligence infrastructure and form an efficient intelligent data exchange center.