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Summit Series Report | Bottos CEO Li Xiang will attend iFiC Summit


On May 24th , Bottos CEO Li Xiang will depart for Sanya to participate in the global financial technology innovation summit. The Sanya Global Financial Technology Innovation Summit was co-sponsored by People's Digital, Fire Coin Group, Sanya City Business Exhibition Bureau, China India Gold Control, FINWEX and other institutions to discuss technology and industry hotspots and talk about the future of the industry and lead the development of the new economy.

The summit is a global financial technology innovation summit. The outstanding entrepreneurs at home and abroad, the heads of top financial schools and well-known investors will gather in Sanya to focus on cutting-edge technology, application landing, technology empowerment and real economy. Explore and jointly interpret policies, judge trends, and grasp the future.

Li Xiang took over as Bottos CEO in March this year. The Sanya Financial Technology Global Innovation Summit is the first stop for Li Xiang to lead Bottos to open the Bottos artificial intelligence industry and the Summit Series of May. Li Xiang will deliver a keynote speech at the Sanya Summit to discuss the industrial layout and future development of Bottos as the first public chain of artificial intelligence.

It is reported that in addition to Bottos CEO Li Xiang confirmed attendance and will do keynote speech, this summit also has a number of well-known guests and institutions confirmed attendance. Chairman of the Huobi Group, Ethereum Founder, Partner of PWC Coopers, well-known innovative companies (including Alibaba, Gree, 360, Jingdong, etc.), and a number of well-known domestic and foreign institutions and representatives have confirmed their presence and delivered speeches.


Summit introduction

As a national free trade zone, Hainan Province has various policies and regional dividends, and is increasingly becoming a pilot zone for new technologies, new models and new industries. Taking this opportunity to lead the new economy and global financial technology innovation Sanya Summit will be grandly opened in Sanya, Hainan Province on May 24-25, 2019. The summit will be guided by the Sanya Municipal People's Government and People's Daily as the guiding unit. People's Digital, Fire Coin Group, Sanya City Business Convention and Exhibition Bureau, Guoyin Jinkong, FINWEX and other institutions jointly sponsored, and invited top companies, experts and investment institutions in the fields of financial technology, blockchain technology and internet at home and abroad to gather together. Discuss technical and industrial hotspots, and explore and lead the development of the maritime new economy.