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JPEX 將與台灣知名 NFT YOLO Cat Club 達成合作

JPEX 將與台灣知名 NFT YOLO Cat Club 達成合作,明年將共同舉辦多場講座及線下活動,屆時將 …

JPEX will cooperate with Taiwan’s well-known NFT YOLO Cat Club, and next year will jointly hold a number of lectures and offline activities, and will invite different famous KOLs in the currency circle to attend.

Why do the two sides cooperate?

The person in charge of JPEX said that JPEX is preparing for promotion work in Taiwan recently, and Taiwan’s NFT YOLO Cat Club is different from other NFTs. Most NFT projects are not active in the bear market, but YOLO Cat Club is in the downturn of the NFT environment. , its community is still active enough to hold gatherings with users online and offline, and the philosophy of YOLO Cat Club is the same as ours, so we firmly believe that we will become better with the cooperation between the two parties.

What is YOLO Cat?

YOLO Cat is a well-known NFT in Taiwan, and it was also issued with the assistance of FOMO Dog. Holding a YOLO Cat means that you are a member of the 09 universe, and you will have the opportunity to participate in various developments of Chen Lingjiu’s future career, whether online or in person.

YOLO Cat will have some voice gatherings in the Discord channel every week, including Chen Lingjiu will come up to share whether it is entrepreneurial experience, cryptocurrency experience, acting experience, etc.

In addition, Corn, the head of the YOLO Cat Club community, also mentioned that after learning about JPEX’s liquidity financing, he found that this is a better investment target that is very suitable for novices and investment groups who want stable returns.

YOLO Cat Official

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JPEX邀請碼「bottostw」開戶優惠:即送20USDT80 USDT合約體驗金,合約交易手續費減免50%

BottosJPEX邀請碼「bottostw」註冊JPEX,可獲全行最高的開戶優惠,包括:20USDT80 USDT合約體驗金,合約交易手續費減免50%!你只需要兩個步驟,就可以領取Bottos的獨家開戶獎賞,步驟如下:

1. 按此Bottos邀請連結,或輸入JPEX邀請碼「bottostw」註冊JPEX

2. 完成實名身份認證KYC(在JPEX APP中「主頁」點擊左上角的圓形圖標,可以找到「身份認證」功能)



1. 20USDT獎賞

2. 50%手續費永久折扣:即由原先的0.08%手續費,大幅降為0.04%(這是Bottos的獨家開戶優惠,也是開戶JPEX的最高手續費減免)

3. 80 USDT 合約體驗金:可用於合約交易。如果交易有盈利,盈利將會自動存入你的帳戶,可以自由使用;如果交易虧損,則由JPEX支付,並不會扣取你帳戶的任何資金。即 80 USDT 合約體驗金屬於只贏不輸的合約資金

4. 完成實名身分認證後,即可獲得75000USDT存款保障




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